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Sammamish Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can easily lead to devastating consequences for those caught in them. Because of the great discrepancy in size between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks, the likelihood of damage is high – and often with long-lasting consequences. When you get into a Sammamish truck accident, you need the support of a skilled attorney. At Colburn Law, our priority is always helping you hold the negligent parties responsible so that you can earn your rightful compensation and focus on recovery.

Who Is At Fault in a Truck Accident?

When two passenger vehicles collide, the fault rests on one or both of the parties, with few exceptions. However, a truck accident can quickly become much more complicated, as several parties interact with these commercial vehicles – and can consequently be responsible for the resulting damages. Potential at-fault parties include:

  • The truck driver. Many causes of truck accidents are due to preventable, driver errors.
  • The trucking company. If the accident stems from improper maintenance of the vehicle, negligent hiring or training processes, or failure to comply with trucking regulations, the fault may fall on the trucking company itself.
  • The truck manufacturer. Defective parts can lead to accidents, often making the manufacturer liable.
  • The shipping/loading crew. When trucks carry large amounts of cargo, improper loading procedures can unbalance the truck – leading to rollover accidents – or cause cargo to fall into the road, injuring drivers.

It’s possible for the fault of an accident to rest entirely with one of these parties or several parties may share the fault. Since correctly determining who is liable is essential for claiming your rightful compensation, it’s critical to have a skilled truck accident attorney who can evaluate the unique circumstances of your case and help you identify whose actions were at fault for your accident.

Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

In the aftermath of a truck accident, it can be difficult to think clearly about what you should do, especially if you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries. No matter what else has happened, it’s essential that you seek immediate medical help, even if there are no obvious damages.

You will want to collect the contact information of any other involved parties if possible, including the truck driver and any potential witnesses. You should also attempt to take pictures or video of the scene to serve as evidence.

Once you’ve received treatment, you should contact a skilled truck accident attorney. The financial impact of a Sammamish truck accident can be devastating, and having a lawyer on your side is the first step to recovering compensation. While it will still take time for your injuries to heal, obtaining financial security can help ease your worries, allowing you to focus on recovering your health.

Until you’ve talked with an attorney, you shouldn’t talk with the trucking company’s insurance representative. Often, insurance companies have much more focus on settling the case for the lowest amount possible, with no concern for your well-being. This amount may not be enough to cover the full extent of your injuries or pain and suffering. An attorney will help you make the best legal decisions to meet your needs and goals.

Work With a Skilled Sammamish Truck Accident Attorney

At Colburn Law, our top priority is helping Sammamish families recover from their injuries. We will work with you to understand the unique circumstances of your accident, developing the best strategy for your case. We know just how devastating these accidents can be for you and your loved ones, and we want to help you take the first steps on the road to recovery. We offer free, no obligation consultations. Contact us to schedule yours today.