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Commercial trucks are large, heavy-duty vehicles that have the ability to cause extreme damage. If you are in a truck collision, you can suffer from debilitating injuries and psychological trauma, leading to thousands of dollars in medical debt, lost wages, chronic pain, and disability.

Washington truck accident victims may be eligible for financial compensation from the at-fault truck driver and his or her employer. Colburn Law represents injured Everett residents in their claims against negligent trucking companies—and our Everett truck accident attorney will advocate aggressively for your right to recovery.

Why Choose Our Everett Truck Accident Attorneys

  • Our Everett personal injury lawyers understand how painful a truck accident injury can be. Our Everett truck accident lawyer will meet with you at any convenient location, such as your home or hospital room.
  • Over our years of operation, our attorney has secured millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We will advocate for your optimal compensation during each stage of your claim.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we will take an agreed-upon percentage of your award as payment for our services. If we do not win your case, we do not charge legal fees.

Potential Damages in Everett Truck Accident Cases

Truck accidents can be very catastrophic. Commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, and collisions between trucks and motor vehicles can result in very severe injuries, such as spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, and amputation. As a result, you can suffer from significant physical, financial, and emotional damages.

In a personal injury lawsuit, you can hold the at-fault party or parties liable for these losses. Common damages in truck accident claims include the following.

  • Past and future medical care
  • Hospitalization and surgery costs
  • Prescription medication
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Property damage
  • Loss of future earnings

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident in Everett?

When you suffer injuries in a collision with a commercial truck, you can hold multiple parties accountable in a personal injury lawsuit. However, you will need to establish that the defendant’s negligence caused your accident and resulting damages. To do so, you will need to prove four elements.

  • The at-fault party owed you a duty of care.
  • The at-fault party breached this duty through a negligent act or failure to act.
  • The breach of duty directly caused the truck accident.
  • You sustained damages as a result of the accident.

If your accident occurred to a defective road, the government entity responsible for maintaining or planning the road could be liable. If a mechanical part in the truck broke down and caused the accident, the manufacturer would be the defendant in your lawsuit.

In many cases, however, the driver and his or her employer are responsible for your injuries and subsequent damages. If your accident occurred due to negligent driving behavior,

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration violations, improper cargo loading, and other acts of negligence on behalf of the driver and his or her employer, you may file a claim against both parties.

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If you sustain injuries due to a truck driver’s negligence, you do not deserve to suffer. At Colburn Law, our Everett truck accident attorney will work aggressively to secure the compensation you need to recover, handling negotiations with insurance representatives and facing corporate legal counsel in the courtroom. We have the resources, skills, and experience necessary to guide you through the litigation process.

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