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Bellevue Premises Liability AttorneyThe concept of premises liability rests on the fact that property owners must keep their premises safe for those visiting or conducting business on the property. If someone experiences an injury, the property owner may face liability for medical expenses or damages incurred as a result of unsafe conditions. If you or a loved one experienced injury as a result of unsafe conditions on someone else’s Bellevue property, contact the Bellevue premises liability lawyers at Colburn Law as soon as possible.

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  • Our Bellevue Personal injury attorneys have successfully settled hundreds of injury lawsuits to the satisfaction of our clients.
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Why You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer

While visiting someone else’s property, you should expect safe conditions. When conditions are unsafe and you experience injury, you stand to face mounting medical bills and missed work. However, most business owners and corporations retain lawyers trained to protect their clients by settling premises liability cases for the lowest amount possible. A skilled premises liability attorney has the knowledge necessary to help you deal with the opposing lawyers and avoid accepting a settlement that is too low.

Common Sources of Premises Liability Injuries

Injuries sustained in a premises liability accident are as varied as the locations of the accidents themselves. Clients can sustain injuries from slips and falls, trips, faulty equipment, and more. Some of the most common locations for premises liability accidents include:

  • Public premises. Public premises include public areas like parking lots, sidewalks, roadways, and government buildings. Inadequate clearing of debris, snow or ice from outdoor areas, as well as insufficient cleaning or labeling of slippery areas can result in injuries.
  • Stores and restaurants. Stores and restaurants often provide dangerous conditions for slips and falls, including slippery floors due to spills or rain and snow tracking. Other fall hazards include dangerous stairways, defective or missing handrails, debris left in walkways, or inadequate clearing of snow or debris from sidewalks and parking areas.
  • Private residences. Homeowners failing to maintain their properties can result in injuries to others. Private residence risks may involve slips, trips, and falls, such as inadequate clearing of snow and ice, damaged or defective stairs and railings, and unexpected holes in the ground or flooring.

An attorney can assist you in investigating the cause of your accident as well as with determining whether the owner of the property failed to prevent the circumstances leading to the accident.

Is the Property Owner Liable for Your Damages?

If a property owner fails to take the necessary steps to repair a known problem or fails to post an adequate warning of the problem, he or she may face liability for your injuries. If your injuries caused physical or financial damages and you have proven the property owner failed in their duty to protect you, the property owner should compensate you for your damages.

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Colburn law will work on your behalf to demonstrate the property owner’s liability for your injuries. Whether your injuries resulted from a slip and fall or some other failure, contact us to evaluate your case. We will work diligently and will not charge an attorney’s fee unless we win your case. Call us today to request a no-fee consultation.