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Bellevue Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bellevue Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A bicycle accident can have a major impact on your life. The damage can be expensive, with significant personal injuries, hospital bills, and property repairs. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to a Bellevue bicycle accident, contact the bike accident lawyers at Colburn Law for a free consultation. You may be eligible for financial compensation. 

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  • We have successfully settled and litigated hundreds of Washington personal injury cases.
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Why Do You Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Bellevue bicycle accident cases can be difficult to negotiate on your own. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of claimants, offering less than a case is worth or denying a claim. If you have serious injuries, you likely want to focus on recovering, not a lawsuit. A bike accident lawyer can handle legal processes on your behalf, including determining the responsible party through the use of professional resources. Hiring a Bellevue injury attorney can help your case and increase the odds of success.

Fighting To Get You Compensation For Your Injuries

If someone is liable for a bicycle accident, it means he or she is financially responsible. The liable party in a bicycle accident case will be the person or entity that owed the victim a duty of care, breached this duty, and caused the accident. Common liable parties in bicycle accident claims include drivers, product manufacturers, and the government for unsafe roadway infrastructure. Identifying the party that may be liable for your damages may take help from an attorney. Revised Code of Washington section 4.16. 080 states that you have up to three years from the date of a crash to settle a claim or to file a lawsuit to preserve the claim.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents in King County?

Bicycle accidents occur when one or more parties are not paying enough attention to the road. Distracted drivers may not see crossing bicyclists, or may turn onto a road directly in front of a biker. Texting and driving is a major bicycle accident risk, as these drivers often take their eyes off the road and their hands from the wheel. Reckless driving is also a risk, and can cause bicycle accidents when a driver is under the influence of drugs/alcohol, speeding, or running red lights.

Drivers breaking roadway rules and behaving negligently are the most common causes of Bellevue bicycle accidents. If another driver did not cause the crash, however, the injured bicyclist may have a case against a product manufacturer for a defective bicycle part, or the city of Bellevue for a dangerous roadway, instead. Potholes, debris in the road, and malfunctioning traffic signs can all cause bicycle accidents.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accident victims often suffer serious personal injuries. If someone survives a collision, he or she may have multiple broken bones (especially in the lower extremities), a traumatic head or brain injury, bruising and lacerations, internal injuries, spinal cord trauma, back or neck injuries, or injuries to the chest. Bicycle accident injuries can cause temporary or permanent disabilities depending on the severity. 

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Contact Our Bellevue Bike Accident Lawyers Today

Multiple parties may share fault for your recent Bellevue bicycle accident. Your case may also involve a complex litigation process, serious injuries, and insurance companies trying to take advantage of you. Hiring a bicycle accident attorney in Bellevue can clear up these complex legal issues while you focus on healing. Your lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement with an insurer, fight for further compensation during a personal injury trial, and help you secure your financial future.

Colburn Law has the experience, compassion, and tenacity to take on your bicycle accident case. We can give you peace of mind by handling the legal process while you concentrate on physical recovery. Greg Colburn became an experienced injury lawyer in Seattle after suffering a debilitating injury himself. He knows exactly what it feels like to be a victim of someone else’s negligence. Contact us today to request your free consultation.



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