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October 2022

Colburn Law

Tips for Driving in the Snow this Winter

While snow can be beautiful, wintery weather can pose unique risks for drivers. There is always a risk that a car will slip, break down, or skid off the road when it snows. In these situations, it is best to be prepared. There are a few things that drivers should know before heading out into

Amusement Park Injuries

Many Washington families enjoy traveling to and enjoying amusement parks. These facilities boast attractions that may seem fun and safe, but could actually pose a dangerous risk to patrons. Poor maintenance, undertrained staff, and many other factors can contribute to serious amusement park injuries and deaths. Victims of amusement park accidents can suffer from broken

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis: Medical Malpractice

Breast cancer is a serious illness that affects thousands of people around the world. Like many types of cancer, patients have a better chance of survival if breast cancer is detected in its early stages. For this reason, an accurate medical diagnosis is critical. A breast cancer misdiagnosis can prolong the time it takes to

Traveling This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Holiday Safety Tips

As the holiday season approaches, road trips to visit family and friends are on the minds of many Washington residents. Traveling during the holidays can be exciting, but the roads can be crowded and more dangerous than usual.  If you plan on traveling this holiday season, it is important to understand these risks and plan

How Long Are Judgments Good For in Washington?

An unexpected accident can have a major impact on your life, resulting in significant financial losses, physical pain, and emotional suffering. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for your accident. At the conclusion of a successful personal injury lawsuit, a defendant

The Safety Concerns of Wet Roads

Washington state is known for its rainy weather. Although we may be used to wet conditions, rain can still pose a significant safety concern for motorists. Slippery surfaces, low visibility, and standing water can all contribute to serious accidents and injuries. Even small amounts of rain can be dangerous. If you plan on driving in