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What Is Considered A Catastrophic Injury?

Facing a catastrophic injury is an overwhelming experience that can change your life forever. These injuries are severe in nature, often resulting in long-term or permanent disability, and have a significant impact on your quality of life. If you suffer a catastrophic injury, you can struggle to return to your previous work and daily activities,

What Are The Leading Causes of Injuries In Child Care Settings?

When parents leave their children at a daycare, they do so with trust and the expectation of a safe environment. However, even in the most well-regarded childcare settings, accidents can happen, and children may be injured. If you leave your child in the care of other people during the day, it’s important to be aware

The Most Common Injuries Caused by Working with Machines Unsafely

Heavy machinery, by its nature, is dangerous. Workers in industries that range from manufacturing to construction must interact with large, powerful, and often complex equipment every day, which requires careful handling and adherence to safety protocols. Failure to follow these protocols can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities, emphasizing the importance of safety training.

My Child Was Injured at School. What Should I Do?

The safety and well-being of our children are among our top priorities as parents. Sending them off to school each day, we trust that they will be looked after and protected in our absence. However, when your child is injured at school, it can be a terrifying and unsettling experience. In these moments, it’s crucial

How Common Are Parking Lot Accidents in Washington?

Parking lots, often bustling with activity, have become frequent sites of motor vehicle collisions. Every day, drivers and pedestrians navigate these confined spaces, where the blend of moving vehicles and foot traffic creates a unique set of challenges. In Washington, parking lot accidents are all too common, and their consequences can be both physically and

Are retailers liable for defective products?

When a defective product causes harm, we often direct our frustration solely toward the manufacturers. However, we often overlook the potential complicity of other parties in the chain of distribution—including retailers. The truth is that retailers, as the final link in this chain before products reach consumers, can also be held accountable for the dangers

How Truck Weigh Stations Prevent Accidents

When driving on Washington’s highways, you may have noticed signs for weigh stations: designated areas where commercial vehicles are required to stop for weight inspection and safety checks. These stations serve as crucial checkpoints to ensure that trucks traveling on the roads are within the legal weight limits and in compliance with transportation safety standards.

Is It Illegal to Drink While Boating?

Navigating the waters can be a liberating experience, but with that freedom comes a responsibility to protect the safety of everyone on and around a boat. Drinking while boating is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal in Washington state. The implications of drinking while operating a boat are severe and can have lasting

Stopping Distance: Semi-Trucks vs. Cars

Every driver needs to know how much road is required to stop their vehicle safely. This distance, known as stopping distance, varies greatly between a semi-truck and a car. However, the appropriate stopping distance can vary drastically; the type of vehicle that you drive, along with the road conditions, will dictate how much space you’ll

Top 10 Common Household Items That Can Cause Chemical Burns

Experiencing a chemical burn can be a traumatic event, often leading to physical pain and emotional distress. These injuries are particularly unsettling when they occur in the safety of your own home, where you expect to be safe from harm. However, many common household items can cause chemical burns—and understanding the risks can help you