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Scholarship Winners Tell Their Story

Colburn Law Traumatic Brain Injury Annual Scholarship Winner Submissions: Sarah Renberg ESSAY: Are you an advocate for your community or involved in any organizations? How has your experience dealing with a brain injury inspired you to educate and shape your community and neighborhood for the better? A brain injury forces an individual to exercise astounding

Announcing the 2020 Colburn Law TBI Scholarship Winners

This Year’s Winner: Sarah Renberg Colburn Law is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 $3,000 Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship — Sarah Renberg! Sarah is an honor student studying neuroscience at the University of Michigan in the College of Language, Science, and the Arts Honors Program. She helped launch the Headway Foundation, a nonprofit

The Differences Between Personal and Bodily Injury

When you are filing a lawsuit for damages you suffered in an accident that someone else caused, there are many pieces of legal jargon you will need to know. During the course of your claim, you may have heard the terms personal injury and bodily injury — and while they may sound similar, they refer

What Is the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program?

The aftermath of a violent crime can be disorienting and devastating to many people. You may have to cope with ongoing physical and mental health ailments, miss work to recover and attend court appointments, and navigate pain and suffering or a reduced quality of life. While you may not be able to reverse what happened

Announcing The 2019 Colburn Law TBI Scholarship Winner

Colburn Law is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2019 Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship — Jenna Culotta, who is planning on attending UCLA this fall. Jenna will be studying biology and plans to attend medical school to become a doctor. In addition, Colburn Law is pleased to award an additional $1,000 each to Gabriella

Washington State Sick Leave Law

Washington has some of the best sick leave provisions for employees in the country. Qualifying employees can take 12 weeks (or 16 in some situations) of paid sick leave without fear of losing their jobs. Both Initiative 1433 and the Paid Family and Medical Leave Program are important in terms of worker leave rights in

The Design of the Courtroom

The majority of Seattle personal injury claims don’t go to trial, meaning the claimants won’t see the inside of a courtroom. Most personal injury claims can settle successfully during pretrial negotiations, especially with help from experienced attorneys. A court trial, however, could result in higher compensation for plaintiffs. If your lawyer believes going to court

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