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November 2022

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What Do Bruises Mean After an Accident?

Accidents can cause many different types of injuries, from broken bones to traumatic brain damage. Bruises are one of the most common injuries that can happen after this level of trauma. This type of injury can be painful and take a few days or weeks to heal. In some cases, a bruise can be a

Sinkhole Accident Liability

A sinkhole is a large hole that forms in the ground, usually caused by erosion and water drainage. Some sinkholes develop gradually over time, while others appear suddenly and catch passersby by surprise. When a sinkhole suddenly appears, devastating accidents and injuries can occur. If you are injured in a sinkhole accident, you may be

Why You Might Need a Lawyer to Fight a Speeding Ticket

For drivers, getting a speeding ticket can be much more than a simple inconvenience. A speeding ticket can come with hefty fines, and you may need to miss work to make court appearances or attend traffic school. Your insurance rates may increase significantly, and in some cases, you could even lose your license. It may

What to Do When Your Vehicle Hydroplanes

Rainy days are not uncommon in Washington, which means that drivers often encounter slick roads. Wet driving conditions can cause many problems, including reduced visibility and a lack of steering control. In some cases, standing water can cause a vehicle to hydroplane or temporarily lose its grip on the road. Hydroplaning can be a scary

What Is Radiofrequency Neurotomy?

Many accident victims suffer from chronic back pain. Defined as pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks, chronic and long-term back pain can be uncomfortable at best and completely debilitating at worst. There are many treatment options available to help relieve this condition, including radiofrequency neurotomy. Radiofrequency neurotomy is a non-invasive procedure that works

Top Tips to Prepare for Construction Sites in the Winter

Winter weather can bring a lot of risks to construction sites. Snow, ice, and dropping temperatures can put workers’ safety and comfort at risk. Unlike other industries, construction work cannot always afford to pause operations in colder weather. As a result, construction companies need to ensure that their winter job sites are safe. There are

What Is a Vertebral Artery Dissection?

A stroke is one of the most serious medical conditions that a person can develop. These life-threatening medical events can be caused by several factors, including blocked arteries and leaking blood vessels.  Vertebral artery dissections are a rare cause of strokes but are common among stroke patients who are relatively young and healthy. A torn

Journaling After a Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most devastating injuries that a person can sustain. Treating brain trauma often involves a complex mix of medical interventions and supportive therapies. One beneficial technique is journaling, or writing down your thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a notebook. Daily journaling can provide an avenue for self-expression and help