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What Differentiates Distracted Driving From Inattentive Driving?

Driving demands undivided attention. You not only need to maneuver a vehicle and follow traffic rules, but you also need to constantly respond to the dynamic environment of the road. Any distractions, daydreams, or other factors that take your concentration away from driving can result in devastating accidents. Distracted and inattentive driving are two behaviors

Do You Need PIP If You Have Health Insurance?

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident in Washington state brings a host of considerations, especially when it comes to covering medical costs and other losses. Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance can provide significant assistance as part of your auto insurance policy, helping cover losses from medical expenses to loss of services. At first glance,

What Happens If the Other Party’s Insurer Isn’t Responding?

When you are involved in a car accident, communicating with the involved party and their insurance company is a critical step. When you encounter an unresponsive insurer, this lack of transparency can complicate what is already a very stressful situation. What can you do in this situation? Would you be able to recover compensation at

Is Washington a Stop and ID State?

When interacting with the police, it’s important to know your rights. For example, law enforcement officers must have a valid reason to pull you over on suspicion of drinking and driving. They must also have a warrant to search your house or vehicle. If you have sustained an injury from a drunk driver, contact a

The Top Causes of Amazon Delivery Driver Injuries

Amazon oversees an extensive network of delivery drivers, who make thousands of deliveries every day across the United States. This critical role is integral to Amazon’s operations—but it also involves unique risks and challenges. Amazon delivery drivers can suffer a range of injuries while on the job, some of which can lead to lasting, long-term

How Common Are Parking Lot Accidents in Washington?

Parking lots, often bustling with activity, have become frequent sites of motor vehicle collisions. Every day, drivers and pedestrians navigate these confined spaces, where the blend of moving vehicles and foot traffic creates a unique set of challenges. In Washington, parking lot accidents are all too common, and their consequences can be both physically and

Six Causes of Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are not only dangerous and frightening, but they can also lead to serious accidents on the road. These incidents can be caused by numerous factors, from lack of maintenance to poor road conditions and manufacturing defects. Understanding the primary causes behind tire blowouts can help drivers prevent them and promote safer travel. #1:

Who Is Responsible for Self-Driving Car Accidents?

As autonomous vehicles become more common on our roadways, we are ushered into a new era of transport. These self-driving cars are designed to reduce human error, promising a future of safer roads and more efficient commutes.  However, the increasing number of autonomous cars also has seen an increased chance of accidents. Because these vehicles

The Dangers of Loose Items in Your Car During an Accident

Many of us are guilty of using our cars as secondary storage units. Old coffee cups nestled in the cup holders, a stash of clothes in the backseat for unexpected weather changes, spare change scattered around, or even tools and equipment kept for roadside emergencies are common sights in Washington vehicles.  While these items might

What Are the Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Washington?

Every year, thousands of people are involved in car accidents across Washington state. These collisions can range in severity, from minor fender benders to serious multi-car crashes. Despite the risks and consequences, many motorists fail to follow the law and drive their vehicles safely. Many factors can lead to car accidents in Washington, from driving