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Car Accidents

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Washington State Auto Repair Laws

The aftermath of a car accident can be stressful and scary, especially if you suffered significant damage to your vehicle. While the insurance company may offer to pay for your vehicle’s repairs after a collision, visiting a shop can be intimidating. You may not know what exactly is wrong with your vehicle and how much

Who Is At-Fault If You Hit an Illegally Parked Car?

Many different situations can lead to car accidents. Washington is a fault insurance state, which means that whoever causes the accident is liable for the injuries and damages suffered by the other vehicles involved. However, it is not always easy to determine who is at-fault in a car accident – especially if you hit an

Steps to Take After a Parking Lot Accident

A parking lot can be a perfect spot for a car accident to occur. You and your fellow drivers focused on getting to your chosen destination or to head home, and the next moment, another vehicle collides into you. The moments after a parking lot accident are crucial to filing a successful personal injury lawsuit

Is Brake Checking Illegal in Washington State?

As drivers, we are responsibly for operating our own vehicles safely and anticipating hazards on the road. However, not all drivers engage in safe driving practices or focus on their own behavior while on the road. Instead, they choose to engage in dangerous driving practices such as brake checking. Brake checking, an action that occurs

Common Environment-Related Factors in Car Accidents

A number of different factors can lead to car accidents in Washington state, from faulty traffic lights to distracted driving and other dangerous driving practices. However, environmental conditions, such as inclement weather and obstructed views, can also play a role in collisions on our roads. While these natural occurrences may not be the primary cause

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage in Washington State

If you suffer injuries in a car accident in Washington state, you may have to pay for expensive medical bills, lose out on weeks of wages, and suffer a variety of other damages from pain and suffering to vehicle damage. You have multiple options to recover compensation for your losses after a car accident, including

Negligent Driving vs. Reckless Driving

Negligence and recklessness are two different types of driver behaviors. While both can cause serious auto accidents and severe injuries, they each have distinct legal definitions under Washington State law. Understanding the difference between negligent and reckless driving can help you navigate an auto accident case. It could also lead to a different result during

Washington State Dash Cam Laws

Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, have become more popular in recent years thanks to modern technology. It is easier and more affordable than ever to install a dash cam in a vehicle (or onto helmets, for many motorcyclists). Drivers may install dash cams to record their surroundings – and to potentially catch a crash on

Hit and Run Laws in Washington State

A hit-and-run accident is one in which a driver causes property damage, injuries, or deaths, but does not remain on the scene to fulfill his or her lawful duties. Instead, the driver flees the scene, in an attempt to escape liability for damages he or she caused. Hit-and-run is a serious crime. If you are

Tips For Safe Driving in Dense Fog

What Do You Do when Driving in Dense Fog? If you’ve lived in Washington for long, you’re sure to have encountered a bout of fog. Dry, windless conditions following bad weather in the Evergreen State can generate a blanket of fog that hangs over cities such as Seattle for days at a time. The fog