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Car Accidents

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What Is an Override Accident?

Accidents between a large truck and a small passenger vehicle can be catastrophic. Although most truck drivers are cautious on the road and do their best to avoid accidents, other truckers are not so careful. As a result, serious truck accidents can occur. An override accident is a particularly dangerous type of truck collision. This

Who Is Liable in a Single-Vehicle Accident?

When we hear about car accidents, we often assume that they involve at least two vehicles. However, not all collisions involve another driver. If you are injured in a single-car accident, you may wonder what to do next. Washington law requires that any motorist who causes an accident is liable for the damages of their

Car Accident Claims Involving Leased Vehicles

Cars can be expensive, and very few people can afford to pay for a vehicle out of pocket. As a result, leasing is a popular financing option for those in the market for a new car. A car lease allows you to rent a car for a certain period of time and return it at

Road Rash Injuries from Car Accidents

Road rash is a serious, painful injury when your skin has extended contact with a rough surface, scraping the top layer of the skin. There are many types of incidents that can cause road rash, including bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian, and car accidents. If you develop a road rash in a car accident, it is important

Summer Driving Safety Tips

As motorists, we often associate snow, ice, and rain as common driving hazards. However, the summer season can also contribute to its fair share of accidents. From sun glare to extreme heat, there are several hot-weather risks that could increase the chances of a collision. If you are driving in the summer, it’s important to

Hidden Injuries after a Car Accident

After a car accident, you may notice some injuries immediately. A broken bone, a cut, a bruise, or other types of damage can cause severe pain and have obvious symptoms. However, some injuries may not show symptoms until hours or even days after the crash.  From internal bleeding to traumatic brain damage, hidden injuries after

The Serious Injuries That Come from Sideswipe Collisions

Any type of car accident can cause serious injuries, but sideswipe collisions are especially dangerous. These accidents occur when the side of one vehicle hits the side of another, usually as a result of unsafe lane changes or improper turns. If you are injured in a sideswipe accident, it is important to seek medical care

How to Find Out If Someone Has Car Insurance

Whether you are involved in a severe multi-vehicle collision or a minor rear-end accident, you should always exchange insurance information after a car crash. Asking someone for his or her car insurance information can be challenging, especially if the driver does not carry the required coverage. Here are a few tips to help you find

Chronic Pain Conditions After a Car Accident

Debilitating, chronic pain is common after a car accident. Motor vehicle collisions can lead to serious physical injuries, some of which are less visible than others. Whiplash, sprains, nervous system damage, and many other injuries can result in ongoing chronic pain. If you develop chronic pain syndrome or another chronic pain condition following a car

Seven Types of Pregnancy Injuries From a Car Accident

During pregnancy, getting into a car accident can be a very scary event. These collisions can result in serious injuries to both the mother and the unborn child, leading to long-term complications and devastating fetal loss.  There are several types of pregnancy injuries that an expectant mother could experience in a car accident. If you