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March 2022

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Chronic Pain Conditions After a Car Accident

Debilitating, chronic pain is common after a car accident. Motor vehicle collisions can lead to serious physical injuries, some of which are less visible than others. Whiplash, sprains, nervous system damage, and many other injuries can result in ongoing chronic pain. If you develop chronic pain syndrome or another chronic pain condition following a car

How Does the Collateral Source Rule Work in Washington?

An unexpected injury can disrupt your life in several ways. You will need to pay for medical care, miss work to recover and attend treatments, and replace any property damaged in the accident. This can lead to significant financial, physical, and emotional hardships. In Washington state, you may be entitled to financial compensation if someone

Seven Types of Pregnancy Injuries From a Car Accident

During pregnancy, getting into a car accident can be a very scary event. These collisions can result in serious injuries to both the mother and the unborn child, leading to long-term complications and devastating fetal loss.  There are several types of pregnancy injuries that an expectant mother could experience in a car accident. If you

Washington’s Sovereign Immunity Waiver

In Washington, people who are injured in accidents have the right to file lawsuits against the responsible party. Motor vehicle drivers, property owners, large corporations, and many other individuals and entities face litigation every year. If the at-fault party is a government actor, the rules may change. Some states follow the sovereign immunity doctrine, which

What Is a Right Hook Accident?

If you ride a bike in Washington, it is important to stay vigilant. Many types of accidents can occur between a driver and a cyclist, including rear-end accidents, left-cross collisions, and right-hook accidents. Right-hook bicycle accidents can be particularly devastating. In this type of collision, a motorist strikes a cyclist while making a right turn,

What Is Summary Judgment?

When a personal injury lawsuit goes to trial, it is clear that the plaintiff and the defendant are on opposing sides. While the plaintiff is fighting to prove the defendant’s negligence, the defendant is attempting to avoid liability for the plaintiff’s injuries.  In some cases, a plaintiff and a defendant agree on the important facts

What To Do If You Suffer a Burn Injury at a Restaurant

Restaurants can be dangerous places for customers and employees alike. Hot foods and liquids, heating elements, and even open flames can pose a serious risk and lead to severe, debilitating burn injuries. If you suffer a burn injury while dining at a restaurant in Washington, it is important to remain calm, seek medical attention, and

‘Beware of Dog’ Signs: Do They Protect Owners From Liability?

In Washington, many dog owners hang ‘Beware of Dog’ signs on their properties and mistakenly believe that the sign will protect their interests if their dog bites someone. While this type of sign can deter criminals and warn visitors to take caution, it will not protect owners from liability in most cases.  Liability for Dog