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Product Liability

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How Does Product Liability Law Work In Washington?

When purchasing products, consumers in Washington place their trust in the safety and reliability of these items. Whether it’s a vehicle, household appliance, or children’s toy, the expectation is that these products will not cause harm when used as intended. However, when products fail and lead to injury, consumers have grounds for legal action. Product

How to Inspect a Harness for Safety

A safety harness is a form of protective gear designed to protect employees from injury or damage when working at heights. It functions by securing the wearer to a lifeline or anchor point, distributing the force of a fall across more durable areas of the body and preventing them from hitting the ground. However, like

Are retailers liable for defective products?

When a defective product causes harm, we often direct our frustration solely toward the manufacturers. However, we often overlook the potential complicity of other parties in the chain of distribution—including retailers. The truth is that retailers, as the final link in this chain before products reach consumers, can also be held accountable for the dangers

What Are Three Types of Product Defects?

When we purchase a product, we trust that it has been designed, manufactured, and marketed with consumer safety in mind. However, this trust can be shattered if you find yourself injured due to a product defect. Generally, there are three main types of product defects; if any of the following scenarios apply to your case,

Common Types of Seatbelt Injuries

Seatbelts have been crucial in mitigating car accident fatalities, significantly reducing the likelihood of severe injury or death. However, in some circumstances, they can also cause serious harm themselves. Seatbelt injuries can range from superficial bruises and abrasions to more serious damage like fractures and internal organ injuries.  The Types of Seatbelt Injuries Although rare,

Pros and Cons of Self-Driving Cars

With advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the last decade has witnessed the steady emergence of self-driving cars. These autonomous vehicles, employing a combination of sensors, algorithms, and advanced computing capabilities, are predicted to become mainstream sooner than we may expect. There are many advantages to self-driving car technology, but there are also many

Product Safety in Today’s World

Product safety in today’s world is a complex and time-consuming task. Research, adherence to regulatory guidelines, product testing, and many other tasks are usually involved in the manufacturing process.  When a manufacturer takes a product to market, this work helps ensure that the item is safe to use. At the very least, these companies should