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Trampoline Safety Regulations: What You Need to Know

Trampolines are a popular backyard fixture in Washington and for good reason. The feeling of weightlessness as you bounce through the air can be incredibly thrilling. Alongside the excitement, however, trampolines also come with inherent risks and potential dangers.  A trampoline accident can lead to serious injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord damage, and traumatic

How Can Vehicle Maintenance Help Avoid Accidents?

Driving is an everyday activity for most people, but it can also be dangerous. Every year, thousands of people are killed or seriously injured in collisions across the United States, many of which are caused by driver negligence.  While some accidents are unavoidable, others can be prevented through proper vehicle maintenance. Regular inspections and upkeep

How to Get a Restraining Order in Washington State: A Guide for Victims of Abuse

When a person experiences abuse or harassment, it can have a lasting and traumatic impact on his or her life. The fear and isolation can feel overwhelming, but there are ways to get help. In Washington, victims have access to several types of restraining orders that can offer protection and a sense of security. These

Hazards and Dangers of Scissor Lifts

Working in the construction industry can be rewarding, but it also involves a significant amount of risk. One of the most common pieces of equipment used in construction is the scissor lift, which allows workers to work at heights safely. However, the use of scissor lifts can also be hazardous, and accidents can result in

Product Safety in Today’s World

Product safety in today’s world is a complex and time-consuming task. Research, adherence to regulatory guidelines, product testing, and many other tasks are usually involved in the manufacturing process.  When a manufacturer takes a product to market, this work helps ensure that the item is safe to use. At the very least, these companies should

What Do Bruises Mean After an Accident?

Accidents can cause many different types of injuries, from broken bones to traumatic brain damage. Bruises are one of the most common injuries that can happen after this level of trauma. This type of injury can be painful and take a few days or weeks to heal. In some cases, a bruise can be a

What to Do When Your Vehicle Hydroplanes

Rainy days are not uncommon in Washington, which means that drivers often encounter slick roads. Wet driving conditions can cause many problems, including reduced visibility and a lack of steering control. In some cases, standing water can cause a vehicle to hydroplane or temporarily lose its grip on the road. Hydroplaning can be a scary

Tips for Driving in the Snow this Winter

While snow can be beautiful, wintery weather can pose unique risks for drivers. There is always a risk that a car will slip, break down, or skid off the road when it snows. In these situations, it is best to be prepared. There are a few things that drivers should know before heading out into

Amusement Park Injuries

Many Washington families enjoy traveling to and enjoying amusement parks. These facilities boast attractions that may seem fun and safe, but could actually pose a dangerous risk to patrons. Poor maintenance, undertrained staff, and many other factors can contribute to serious amusement park injuries and deaths. Victims of amusement park accidents can suffer from broken

Traveling This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Holiday Safety Tips

As the holiday season approaches, road trips to visit family and friends are on the minds of many Washington residents. Traveling during the holidays can be exciting, but the roads can be crowded and more dangerous than usual.  If you plan on traveling this holiday season, it is important to understand these risks and plan