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Tips for Settling a Slip and Fall Claim

When you are pursuing a slip and fall lawsuit, your goal is to secure the settlement that you need to recover. Reaching an adequate settlement in a slip and fall case can be a challenge, but simple with the support of an attorney. Here are a few critical tips for settling a slip and fall

How to Find Out If Someone Has Car Insurance

Whether you are involved in a severe multi-vehicle collision or a minor rear-end accident, you should always exchange insurance information after a car crash. Asking someone for his or her car insurance information can be challenging, especially if the driver does not carry the required coverage. Here are a few tips to help you find

Seattle Right of Way Laws

To keep everyone safe on the road, it is important for all motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to follow Seattle’s right-of-way laws. The right of way dictates the flow of traffic and helps prevent avoidable collisions at stop signs, traffic lights, and other intersections. However, not everyone obeys right-of-way laws, leading to serious accidents on Seattle

What Is Sudden Unintended Acceleration?

Car accidents can happen for several reasons. In many cases, negligent driving behavior is responsible for these collisions. In other cases, however, dangerous and defective auto parts contribute to car accidents. One type of defect, known as sudden unintended acceleration, is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious crashes. Sudden Unintended Acceleration: A Dangerous Risk

Accidents Involving a Government Vehicle in Washington State

Washington is a fault accident state, which means that drivers who are responsible for collisions must pay for their victims’ damages. Private drivers must uphold this responsibility, as well as government employees who are driving government vehicles or using their private vehicles for government purposes. However, the reporting process for accidents involving government employees differs

Test-Drive Accidents: Who Is Liable?

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you know how important a test drive can be. These opportunities allow you to operate a prospective vehicle before you decide to purchase it, allowing you to gain a better understanding of whether or not the car is right for you. However, accidents can occur

Road Trip Safety Tips During Coronavirus Outbreak

  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has become a risky activity. Common transportation options, such as airplanes and public transit, places you in close proximity to crowds of strangers and may increase your chances of exposure. To reduce their COVID-19 risk, many Washington residents are choosing to take road trips in the safety of

What to Do When Injured Falling on An Uneven Sidewalk or Street

  We often assume that our streets and sidewalks are safe to walk on — but a crack in the pavement, a sudden change in elevation, or chipped concrete can place pedestrians in danger. Slip and fall accidents are often very severe, leading to serious injuries such as traumatic brain damage, damaged hips, and broken

The Importance of Police Reports After an Accident in Seattle

After a car accident, you can incur some serious losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and vehicle repairs. Washington laws allow injured drivers to claim compensation from the person responsible for their accidents, either through a lawsuit or insurance claim. During both legal pathways, you will need to prove your right to damages using all

How to Avoid Burns This Winter

  The winter season brings cold temperatures, holiday festivities, and a higher risk of burns than other times of the year. Burn injuries, which can range from mild to life-threatening, can lead to severe pain, long-lasting complications, and financial hardship. You can avoid these losses by taking careful steps to prevent burns this winter, but