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Motorcycle Accidents

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How To Treat Road Rash After a Motorcycle Accident

Road rash is a common injury in motorcycle accidents, but it carries with it serious risks. These skin abrasions result from contact with the road surface during an accident; they can range from mild injuries, affecting only the outer layer of skin, to severe damage, where multiple layers of skin are removed and expose underlying

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take in Seattle?

Navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in Seattle can be a daunting experience, especially when it involves legal proceedings. For many riders and their families, the primary concern is how long the claim will take to settle. Given the financial hardships and emotional strain that can accompany these accidents, it is no wonder that

Bicycle Safety Tips for Motorists in Seattle

Seattle is well-known for being a bike-friendly city. With its beautiful landscapes and extensive network of bike lanes and trails, it’s no wonder why cycling is such a popular mode of transportation in the city.  However, despite the city’s efforts to promote bicycle safety, accidents can still occur. As a motorist, it is crucial to

Why Is Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet So Necessary?

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but it also comes with significant risks. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries or even death, which is why wearing a helmet is essential. This protective headgear can reduce the risks of serious head, neck, and brain injuries, and may also protect your eyes, nose, and

Road Rash Injuries from Car Accidents

Road rash is a serious, painful injury when your skin has extended contact with a rough surface, scraping the top layer of the skin. There are many types of incidents that can cause road rash, including bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian, and car accidents. If you develop a road rash in a car accident, it is important

Rainy Conditions Could Lead to Tragic Motorcycle Crashes

Rainy weather can be dangerous for all types of motor vehicles, but motorcyclists are especially susceptible to hazards. Motorcyclists lack the same protections as a passenger vehicle and it is easier to lose control of a smaller motorcycle than a larger, heavier car. With rain, several hazards make riding a motorcycle more dangerous than before.

Understanding Internal Injuries after Motorcycle Accident

Washington motorcycle accident victims can sustain very serious injuries. Cuts, bruises, and broken bones are common after these collisions. However, not all injuries are obvious immediately after the accident. Internal injuries are extremely dangerous, but symptoms may not appear for hours after the collision. Without prompt medical attention, these injuries can be fatal. It is

Knee, Joints & Torn Ligaments After a Motorcycle Accident

Injuries in the lower extremities, such as the knees, legs, and hips, are very common during motorcycle accidents. Although these injuries are often nonfatal, damage to the knees, joints, and ligaments can be very painful and result in permanent complications. Lower extremity injury can also lead to costly medical care, lengthy recovery times, and significant

A Motorcycle Accident Can Result in Fractured or Broken Bones

Motorcycle accidents often result in very severe injuries. Cars have large, metal bodies that protect drivers and the passengers inside. Motorcyclists lack that same protection and are more susceptible to injury during a collision. In many cases, motorcyclists sustain fractured or broken bones in an accident, which can take months to heal. Broken Bones in

How Can I Ride Safely with a Passenger?

Many Washington motorcyclists enjoy riding with a passenger, either on the back of the motorcycle or a sidecar. When you bring a passenger along for a ride, however, there are several safety considerations that you both need to know. Always Follow the Law Washington has several laws that apply to motorcyclists and their passengers. For