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Dog Bites

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Strict Liability versus Negligence in Product Liability Claims

Each year, many people are injured by defective products. These dangerous items can cause serious injuries, from burns and broken bones to traumatic brain injury and terminal illnesses like cancer.  Washington residents injured by defective products have the right to pursue lawsuits against the manufacturers that created them. If you plan on filing such a

‘Beware of Dog’ Signs: Do They Protect Owners From Liability?

In Washington, many dog owners hang ‘Beware of Dog’ signs on their properties and mistakenly believe that the sign will protect their interests if their dog bites someone. While this type of sign can deter criminals and warn visitors to take caution, it will not protect owners from liability in most cases.  Liability for Dog

Can You Sue for a Minor Dog Bite Injury in Washington?

When a dog bites a person, severe injuries can occur. Disfigurement, infections, and nerve injuries are common after these attacks. However, even minor dog bite injuries such as scrapes, cuts, and bruises can be painful and require medical care. As the victim of a dog bite in Washington, you have the right to file a

How Can Insurance Factor into a Dog Bite Lawsuit in Washington?

Dogs are a popular pet in Washington, but they have the potential to inflict serious harm. A dog bite can lead to serious infections, nerve damage, psychological trauma, and many other injuries. If you were bitten by a dog in Washington, you have the right to pursue compensation from the animal’s owner. Depending on the

What Diseases Can Result from a Dog Bite Injury?

Dog bites can cause serious injuries, as well as infections that can develop after the attack. If you were bitten by a dog in Washington, it is crucial to seek emergency medical attention—and to speak with a Seattle personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Types of Infections from Dog Bites When a bite breaks

What Actions Can Help Prevent a Dog Attack?

Dogs have the potential to cause severe damage when they bite. Due to their strong jaws and long teeth, dog bites can tear through the flesh, break bones, and pass on dangerous bacteria that can lead to serious infections. While some dogs are unpredictable and attack without warning, many of these animals are triggered by

How to Identify Aggressive Animal Behaviors That May Lead to Dog Bites

Dogs are a popular pet in Washington state, chosen by families as loyal and loving companions. However, not all dogs are friendly animals. Aggression is a common and serious behavioral issue in dogs, contributing to dangerous attacks and violent incidents each year. Hostile dogs can cause serious injuries and devastating fatalities. Understanding the signs of

How to Measure the Emotional Distress Caused by a Dog Bite

A dog attack can be a severely traumatic event, leading to intense fear, pain, and emotional distress. Many victims of dog bites experience psychological damages that impact daily life as much as a physical injury. If you were bitten by a dog, you have the right to hold the animal’s owner liable for the losses

What to Do if You Have Nerve Damage from a Dog Bite

With strong jaws and sharp teeth, dogs have the ability to inflict serious injuries. Dog bites can result in broken bones, infections, and deep lacerations. In serious cases, victims of dog attacks develop temporary or permanent nerve damage. While treatment is available for these injuries, nerve damage from a dog bite can have a significant

Does Renters Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

  While dogs are a popular pet in Washington state, these animals have the ability to severely injure humans. Dog bites can cause permanent disfigurement, scarring, and infections, resulting in high medical expenses, lost wages, psychological trauma, and many other physical, emotional, and financial losses. If you are a dog bite victim, you may wonder