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Birth Injury

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10 Types of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries happen every year in labor and delivery units across the United States, resulting in severe harm and lasting complications. Below are some of the most common types of birth injuries caused by medical malpractice, or a physician’s failure to uphold the medical standard of care. #1: Oxygen Deprivation Medical professionals have to closely

Environmental Hazards and Birth Injuries

Many expectant parents are aware of the risks of birth injuries and take important steps to protect their children during pregnancy. For example, abstaining from alcohol and tobacco use can help prevent complications while a fetus is developing. However, certain environmental hazards may also lead to birth injuries. If you believe that your child developed

What is Cephalopelvic Disproportion?

  When you welcome a new baby into your family, you hope that the labor and delivery process is smooth and free of complications. Unfortunately, birth injury and medical negligence can lead to significant consequences for mothers and infants alike. One of these birth injuries is cephalopelvic disproportion or CPD. CPD occurs when the head

How Do You Prove a Doctor’s Negligence Resulted in a Birth Injury?

When we visit a hospital to deliver our newborn babies, we expect the doctor and his or her medical team to perform up to professional standards. However, not all families receive the best medical care during labor and delivery. Sometimes, a doctor’s negligence can lead to significant birth injuries in a child that cause lifelong