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May 2024

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Examples of Unintentional and Intentional Torts

When disputes arise, the field of tort law becomes a crucial framework for resolving conflicts. Tort law governs situations where one party’s actions cause harm to another, categorizing these actions as either intentional or unintentional torts based on the presence or absence of deliberate intent. If you have been injured by another person in Washington,

What Differentiates Distracted Driving From Inattentive Driving?

Driving demands undivided attention. You not only need to maneuver a vehicle and follow traffic rules, but you also need to constantly respond to the dynamic environment of the road. Any distractions, daydreams, or other factors that take your concentration away from driving can result in devastating accidents. Distracted and inattentive driving are two behaviors

What Is The Timeline To File A Lawsuit In Washington?

If you plan on filing a lawsuit in Washington state, it is important to understand the statute of limitations. This legal timeframe dictates how long you have to initiate a lawsuit after an incident has occurred. By limiting the time for filing a claim, the statute of limitations helps preserve the integrity of evidence, including

Washington Motorcycle Accident Statistics [2024]

Despite advances in vehicle safety features and road design, motorcyclists continue to face disproportionately high risks on the roads. The lack of a protective shell, combined with a higher propensity for rollovers or loss of control, can lead to serious collisions between two- and four-wheeled vehicles. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),

How to Report Your Landlord for Negligence

Safe, habitable living conditions are a basic right under the law, yet some landlords fail to uphold these standards. This neglect can jeopardize a tenant’s health, safety, and well-being; in some cases, it can result in serious accidents. If you are a renter in Washington, here is what you need to know about reporting your

How Do Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Although motorcycles offer unparalleled freedom, they can leave riders incredibly vulnerable on the road. Without the protective enclosure that vehicles provide their occupants, motorcyclists face higher risks of serious injuries or fatalities in the event of an accident. Several factors can lead to motorcycle accidents, from poor road conditions to driver negligence. Here are some