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Damages to Look for After a Rear-End Car Accident

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Damages to Look for After a Rear-End Car Accident

One of the most common types of car accidents are rear-end collisions. When a vehicle crashes into the back of another car, bumps and dents may seem apparent at first—but rear-end collisions often result in hidden damage that can be difficult to spot at first glance. If you are involved in a rear-end car accident, it is important to keep an eye out for serious issues and take your vehicle for an inspection as soon as possible. 

Engine Damage

Rear-end accidents not only lead to surface damage like bumps, dents, and scrapes—these collisions can also damage the important internal components of a vehicle, such as the engine. Modern cars contain highly complex and delicate engines that can suffer damage during high-impact collisions. 

Different components of the engine can become misaligned or cracked, causing serious issues. A damaged engine can increase your chances of a serious accident as well. If you notice issues with acceleration, leaking transmission fluid, or a check engine light that turns on immediately after a collision, bring your vehicle to a repair shop as quickly as possible. 

Alignment Issues 

A rear-end collision can cause problems with the vehicle’s alignment, causing your car to start wobbling or veering off of the road while you are driving. The impact of a rear-end accident can damage the components necessary to keep your vehicle aligned on the road. Common signs of alignment issues include the following.

  • Strange vibrations
  • A crooked steering wheel
  • Noises while you are steering
  • Squealing tires
  • Unusually rapid and uneven wear on your tires

Alignment issues can lead to serious damage to your vehicle. Other components, such as the brakes or suspension, can sustain unusual stress and become worn out faster than normal. Poor alignment also increases your chances of getting into another accident. To avoid further injury, it is important to talk to a repair technician as soon as possible following your collision.

Electrical Damage

Rear-end accidents can cause damage to a vehicle’s electrical system. The impact of the collision can loosen the complex wiring inside of the vehicle, leading to system failures. This type of damage can even occur after an accident, as the wiring may become separated if you continue to drive the car.

Electrical damage can lead to dangerous situations. Your brake and taillights can stop working, making it impossible for other drivers to see you in poor weather conditions or for you to warn drivers when you intend to change lanes or make a turn. Additionally, your battery could die, leading to a stranded vehicle. To protect yourself, it is important to have a professional inspect your vehicle’s electrical system.

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If you are involved in a rear-end car accident, you may have grounds to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the other driver. Washington is a fault accident state, requiring negligent drivers to pay for the damages of their victims in accidents they cause—including vehicle repairs. 

As soon as possible following your collision, take your vehicle in for an inspection and seek medical attention for your injuries. Save all documentation related to your accident. Once you take these steps, schedule a consultation with a Seattle car accident lawyer to evaluate your case and strategize your next steps.