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Do You Need PIP If You Have Health Insurance?

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Navigating the aftermath of a car accident in Washington state brings a host of considerations, especially when it comes to covering medical costs and other losses. Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance can provide significant assistance as part of your auto insurance policy, helping cover losses from medical expenses to loss of services.

At first glance, PIP might seem redundant if you already have health insurance. However, it offers unique benefits that can significantly impact your financial and physical recovery after an accident. Seek a Seattle personal injury attorney to advocate for the compensation you deserve.

What Does PIP Cover in Washington State?

PIP is an essential component of car insurance policies, offering a safety net for individualsinvolved in motor vehicle accidents. Regardless of who is at fault, PIP provides immediate financial support after a collision, enabling covered individuals to access the care that they need, when they need it.

There are four main types of losses that PIP insurance will cover:

  • Medical Expenses: PIP covers medical costs for each person injured in an accident. This comprehensive coverage includes a wide range of medical services, from emergency treatments immediately following the accident to subsequent rehabilitative care.
  • Lost Wages: For those unable to return to work due to injuries sustained in an accident, PIP offers compensation for lost income. To access this benefit, the claimant usually needs to prove that they were unable to work for a certain period after the accident.
  • Loss of Services: Recognizing that injuries can impede a person’s ability to perform daily tasks, PIP provides compensation for services that the injured person can no longer manage on their own. This could include payments to non-family members for childcare, housework, or yard maintenance.
  • Funeral Expenses: In the event of a fatal accident, PIP offers coverage for funeral expenses. This coverage aims to alleviate the financial strain on families during a profoundly difficult time, allowing them to focus on mourning and healing.

Although PIP coverage is not required for Washington drivers, it is highly recommended to invest in this insurance policy. Financial hardship is incredibly common after these incidents, and PIP can help alleviate this stress.

Health Insurance versus PIP Coverage

There are several differences between health insurance and PIP. Unlike healthcare coverage, which often requires you to meet deductibles before benefits kick in, PIP policies may offer lower or no deductibles, making financial support more accessible. Additionally, health insurance does not account for non-medical damages like lost wages or funeral costs—areas where PIP provides essential support.

PIP also provides coverage for passengers or household members who were affected by the accident. Health insurance only covers the policyholder and other people who are on the policyholder’s health plan.

PIP Coverage Can Help Protect Your Bases

Even with comprehensive health insurance, investing in PIP coverage is a wise decision for anyone driving in Washington State. PIP helps make sure that you, your passengers, and other covered individuals receive immediate financial support after a car accident, without the delays or limitations associated with health insurance claims.

If you need help filing a claim or navigating the complexities of PIP and health insurance in the wake of a car accident, an attorney can provide valuable assistance. A Bellevue car accident lawyer can help you understand the extent of your coverage and work to secure the compensation you deserve. After your collision, schedule a free legal consultation for a comprehensive review of your case and learn more about the options available to you.