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Olympia Personal Injury Lawyer

Olympia Personal Injury Lawyer

When a car accident or other negligent incident results in injuries and economic damage to an individual, the victim can seek compensation for his or her losses through a personal injury lawsuit. If you or a relative recently sustained injuries due to the actions of another party in Olympia, contact Colburn Law today to schedule a free case evaluation with an Olympia personal injury attorney.

Is Hiring an Attorney Necessary?

The average person with no legal training would have a very difficult time building a case and navigating the civil court system without the help of an attorney. Missing a filing requirement or court deadline could cause a judge to throw out a claim before it even reaches the trial phase. Hiring a personal injury attorney not only helps avoid procedural missteps like these, but also generally leads to more compensation than a client could have secured on his or her own.

A personal injury attorney will help a client gather documentation and evidence to support his or her claim and prove the extent of the damages involved in a claim. An attorney can also subpoena traffic camera data, phone records, and other necessary evidence in a claim and coordinate with expert witnesses to testify on the client’s behalf. Attorneys can also handle communication with insurance companies on behalf of their clients.

Why Hire Colburn Law?

  • Our firm has experience with all types of personal injury cases and has the resources to fully explore every available avenue of compensation for an injured client.
  • Attorney Greg Colburn has experienced the civil court system from the perspective of an injured client after a roofing contractor’s negligence left him in a wheelchair for two years.
  • We have experience with alternative case resolution when a trial is not in the best interests of our client. However, we are unafraid of extensive litigation if it means securing a recovery for our client.
  • Our firm offers free consultations so potential Olympia clients can better understand their legal options before committing to legal representation.

Proving Negligence and Securing Compensation

The goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to secure compensation that makes the plaintiff “whole” again. While a criminal case focuses on ensuring justice, a civil case focuses on the victim’s recovery. In any personal injury claim, the plaintiff’s attorney must prove the defendant was negligent and solely responsible for the plaintiff’s damages. This means proving those damages only occurred due to the defendant’s negligence or would not have occurred but for the defendant’s negligence.

Once the plaintiff’s attorney proves a defendant’s negligence, the next step is to prove the full extent of the plaintiff’s damages. This may require producing hospital bills, invoices for specialist treatments, pay stubs to prove lost income, and much more. Expert witnesses may also testify to help a jury better understand the full scope of the plaintiff’s immediate and future damages.

Winning a Personal Injury Case in Olympia

A successful personal injury case can result in the plaintiff recovering several types of damages.

  • Medical expenses. A plaintiff can claim compensation for immediate and future medical expenses resulting from the defendant’s actions.
  • Lost income. If a defendant’s actions cause a plaintiff to miss work for an extended time or leave the plaintiff unable to work in the future, the plaintiff can claim compensation for lost income and lost earning potential.
  • Property damage. When a defendant’s actions cause damage to the plaintiff’s personal property, such as a vehicle in a car accident claim, the plaintiff can claim repair or replacement costs.
  • Pain and suffering. The justice system acknowledges that the painful experience of a personal injury is worse for victims than the economic strains these events cause. A jury will award pain and suffering based on the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries and the potential for long-term or permanent disability.

If you or a relative sustained an injury in Olympia due to the actions of a negligent party, a personal injury lawsuit may offer the best chance of recovering your losses. Contact Colburn Law today to schedule a free consultation with an Olympia personal injury attorney.