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Negligent motorists are not the only cause of Seattle car accidents. Mechanical defects, such as malfunctioning brakes or issues with the engine’s assembly, can lead to serious injuries and death.

If you are in a car accident and you believe an auto defect is to blame, contact the auto defect attorneys at Colburn Law. Our firm has the resources, investigative power, and experience necessary to guide you through the complex litigation process.

Why Hire Colburn Law

  • Our firm believes in open communication throughout the claims process. We will always answer any questions you may have and inform you of any important information in a prompt manner.
  • Colburn Law operates on a contingency fee basis for maximum affordability. You do not have to pay legal fees unless we secure a settlement on your behalf.
  • Proving an auto defect claim requires technical expertise. Our firm can connect you with automobile experts who can evaluate your claim and provide testimony on your behalf.

The Basics of Auto Defect Injury Lawsuits

Unlike regular car accident cases, an auto defect injury lawsuit is a type of product liability claim. This means you will likely name the manufacturer or seller of a defective part as the defendant in your lawsuit, and you do not need to establish the at-fault party’s negligence to receive a settlement.

Instead, you will need to establish the following elements to prove your claim.

  • The part was defective.
  • The defective part caused your car accident.
  • You suffered injuries and damages as a result of the defective part.

Common Vehicle Defects

There are multiple reasons why a car part may be defective, from an inherently dangerous design to poor manufacturing at the auto plant. You can base your claim on a number of common vehicle defects, including the following.

  • Braking system defects
  • Electrical system malfunctions
  • Fuel, exhaust, or lubrication issues
  • Poor engine assembly
  • Defective temperature control
  • Steering and suspension issues
  • Issues with the body and frame of the vehicle

What Is the Lemon Law?

Washington’s Lemon Law is a piece of legislation designed to help people who purchase new vehicles and who have substantial, continuous issues with warranty repairs. A vehicle qualifies as a lemon if it has one or more significant defects that you have tried to repair a reasonable number of times.

Under the Lemon Law, the manufacturer of your vehicle must repurchase or replace your vehicle if it has a nonconformity or serious safety defects and you have made a certain number of reasonable repair attempts.

  • Nonconformity refers to a defect that substantially impairs the safety, value, or use of the vehicle. You must have tried to repair the vehicle at least four times.
  • A serious safety defect refers to a life-threatening malfunction that prevents you from controlling or operating the vehicle. You must have tried to repair the vehicle at least twice.

Compensation Available in Auto Defect Lawsuits

You can claim compensation for multiple types of damages in auto defect lawsuits, both economic and non-economic. Economic damages involve your financial losses, such as medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and disability accommodations.

Non-economic damages concern your physical and emotional pain and suffering. You may claim compensation for chronic pain, mental anguish, disfigurement and scarring, post-traumatic stress disorder, and loss of quality of life, among other losses.

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