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Coronavirus Wrongful Deaths in Nursing Homes



Nursing Home Negligence in Kirkland

With the coronavirus outbreak making an impact throughout the country, it was recently revealed that the Kirkland nursing home responsible for the outbreak in Washington is facing fines and potential lawsuits for its poor response to the pandemic.

If one of your loved ones has died due to contracting COVID-19 in a nursing home, please contact Colburn Law today to discuss your case. We want to help you seek justice for any negligent actions that may have led to the infection and death of your loved one.

Kirkland, WA Nursing Home May Be Liable for COVID-19 Deaths

Widely regarded as the epicenter of Washington state’s COVID-19 outbreak, Life Care Center of Kirkland was recently fined over $611,000 for their poor or other inadequate response in the early days of the pandemic.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, among the list of deficiencies includes:

  • A failure to identify and manage an increasing number of patients with respiratory illnesses.
  • A failure to report this sudden spike in respiratory illnesses to the State Department of Health. State and county regulations require assisted living facilities to report any suspected flu outbreaks within 24 hours.
  • The complete lack of an action plan in response to the pandemic.
  • A failure to have a contingency plan when the facility’s primary care provider fell ill and was not able to manage the staff.

Additionally, the facility failed to prepare for the oncoming pandemic, with no indications from management that there were any concerns about potential infections. This includes a failure of the nursing home’s medical director to attend any meetings that may have gone over future concerns of any infections or outbreaks.

Do I Have Legal Recourse?

Any nursing home facility that may have directly contributed to the illness and death of elderly patients due to their negligence may also be held accountable for their actions. This negligence may include:

  • A failure to abide by government-recommended guidelines and recommendations.
  • A failure to report any suspected outbreaks to state and local authorities.
  • A failure to provide proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to caretakers and healthcare professionals.
  • A failure to provide adequate care or response to any residents.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

If an elderly resident has wrongfully passed from COVID-19 due to a nursing home’s negligence, a couple key parties may be held liable for the wrongful death:

  • A facility itself can be held accountable for its failure to follow procedures and/or form a proper response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Any management in charge of staff may be held accountable for their lack of direction and discretion during such a difficult time.

It is important to note that many of the healthcare professionals and caretakers tasked with the day-to-day care of patients and residents may not necessarily be accountable for the overarching negligence of a long-term care facility. Often, these employees are underpaid, overworked, and are not given the proper equipment, training, or considerations necessary by the facility and its management. In many situations, these caretakers are trying to make the best out of a difficult situation – well aware of the shortcomings they may have in the facility.

Colburn Law Can Help You Seek Justice

If one of your loved ones passed away in a nursing home due to COVID-19 and you suspect negligence played a factor, our Kirkland personal injury attorneys can help you determine if the facility is liable for your elderly loved one’s wrongful death.

We can help you fully investigate your case, collecting the data and evidence necessary to determine negligence. Using this, we can answer any questions you may have regarding legal recourse; if the nursing home can be held liable, we can begin the litigation process by forming a comprehensive case to seek justice for your elderly loved one’s wrongful death.

Contact Our Kirkland Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Today

If you have any questions regarding the duty of care for a nursing home facility during this difficult time, please contact us today. We are here to assist those who are inquiring about their elderly loved one’s situation – or any matters regarding wrongful death claims for those in nursing