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Announcing the 2020 Colburn Law TBI Scholarship Winners

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This Year’s Winner: Sarah RenbergSarah Renberg

Colburn Law is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 $3,000 Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship — Sarah Renberg! Sarah is an honor student studying neuroscience at the University of Michigan in the College of Language, Science, and the Arts Honors Program. She helped launch the Headway Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to improve concussion management through education, patient support, and advocacy.

She has also been a victim of a brain injury herself and uses her experiences to further educate her community and be a voice for those who have also been affected. In addition to being an advocate for her community, Sarah plans to pursue her MD-MPH degrees to be an effective and compassionate physician for her patients and to help implement more widespread change in our health system.

Additional Recipients: Kimberly N. Cusack & Amanda Wendt

Kimberly Cusack      Amanda Wendt

In addition, Colburn Law is pleased to award an additional $1,000 each to Kimberly N. Cusack and Amanda Wendt.

Kimberly is a talented artist and activist in her community, she plans to enroll in a Fine Arts Program at an accredited University in the Fall. In addition, she also hopes that sharing her story about her experience with Arnold Chiari Malformation, genetic brain malformation, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can give hope to others with neurological conditions.

Amanda was diagnosed with a rare brain disease called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), which has presented her with many challenges throughout her life. Through Amanda’s endurance, she has risen above her disorder and become an outstanding part of her community through volunteer work and community service. Amanda plans to major in Medical Laboratory Science at Monmouth University in the fall with the goal of working in a hospital where she will be able to provide support to others who are in need of special medical assistance.

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Thank You To All Applicants For Sharing Your Story

This was not an easy decision as we received numerous qualified applications. We commend all our applicants for their amazing accomplishments to date and are truly inspired. We also truly thank every person that applied and wish them the best of luck in college and future endeavors.