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Rainy Conditions Could Lead to Tragic Motorcycle Crashes

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Rainy weather can be dangerous for all types of motor vehicles, but motorcyclists are especially susceptible to hazards. Motorcyclists lack the same protections as a passenger vehicle and it is easier to lose control of a smaller motorcycle than a larger, heavier car.

With rain, several hazards make riding a motorcycle more dangerous than before. It is important for motorcyclists to be alert and cautious when encountering rainy conditions.

How Weather Conditions Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

Rainy weather is dangerous for two reasons. First, rain decreases visibility and makes it difficult for other vehicles to see each other on the road. Motor vehicle drivers are trained to look for other cars’ headlights to avoid collisions. However, motorcyclists only have one headlight and one taillight and are less visible to drivers. As a result, an accident can occur.

Additionally, motorcyclists do not have an enclosed vehicle that protects them from rain. They also do not have windshield wipers and other luxuries that drivers have to increase visibility. These conditions also heighten the chances of a collision.

Second, rain makes the roads very slippery. For motorcyclists, slick roadways can pose serious hazards.

  • A motorcyclist may struggle to brake and stop his or her bike, causing him or her to slide down the road.
  • Other drivers may lose control of their vehicles and collide into motorcyclists in the area.
  • A motorcyclist can lose traction on a slick road and crash. Even a small puddle of water can lead to a motorcycle collision.

Common Injuries After Rainy Weather Accidents

A rainy weather collision can be catastrophic. Because motorcyclists do not have the same protections as a driver, they are more susceptible to very severe injuries during a collision. Some of the most common forms of damage in a motorcycle accident include the following.

  • Broken and dislocated bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Severe bruises and road rash
  • Deep cuts and lacerations
  • Amputated and mangled limbs

Can You Recover Compensation After a Rainy Weather Accident?

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident caused by rainy weather, you could be eligible for compensation. You could file an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for the collision. Through your claim, you can recover an award to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, property repairs, and more.

However, your case eligibility depends on the circumstances surrounding your accident. Another party’s actions must be directly responsible for the collision. Multiple parties could be liable for a rainy weather accident, including the following.

  • Negligent motorists whose actions lead to a collision
  • Government agencies who fail to properly maintain roadways, leading to dangerous conditions
  • Manufacturers of defective motorcycles, cars, or vehicle components that malfunction and cause an accident

If you are unsure whether you qualify for a claim, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. A Seattle personal injury attorney can investigate your rainy weather accident, identify the cause of the collision, and help you understand your legal options. Contact a lawyer today to discuss your case and find your optimal path to maximum compensation.