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Does Inattentional Blindness Put Motorcyclists at Risk?

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Motorcycle accidents can happen for several reasons. Poor weather or bad road conditions can lead to a collision. In many cases, drivers claim that they didn’t see the motorcyclist on the road until it was too late.

In these situations, inattentional blindness may be responsible. This neurological phenomenon occurs when people fail to see objects in plain sight. If you are injured in an accident caused by inattentional blindness, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

What Is Inattentional Blindness?

Driving requires a great deal of focus. You have to follow GPS directions, obey traffic laws, and keep an eye out for hazards. You need to physically operate the car’s various components and remember how each one works. Add passengers, music, and other distractions into the vehicle, and driving can be a difficult task.

When a person is focused on another task, his or her brain chooses to ignore information that is irrelevant or distracting. While this behavior helps with focus, inattentional blindness can cause people to miss important items.

Many scientific studies attribute inattentional blindness to collisions where drivers fail to see motorcyclists. Because driving requires so much focus, drivers often filter out objects and events on the road that seem less important. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes overlook motorcycles and collide into them.

Visibility Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Visibility Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Inattentional blindness is a serious threat to motorcyclists on the road. In these situations, it is important to become as visible as possible to passing vehicles. If you want to improve your visibility, follow these simple tips.

  • Wear bright-colored clothing or place reflective tape on your jacket.
  • Ensure that your lights are always working. Add reflectors and additional lights to your motorcycle.
  • Practice defensive driving. Remain aware of others on the road and be cautious around aggressive drivers.
  • Never assume that a driver can see you. Always be prepared to respond to sudden movements or potential hazards.
  • Encourage other motorcyclists to practice these visibility safety tips and promote attentive driving on the road.

Can a Driver Be Liable for Inattentional Blindness?

Defensive driving and proper safety gear can help motorcyclists prevent accidents. However, collisions still happen every day, leading to severe injuries, financial hardship, and psychological trauma. If you are injured by a driver who claims inattentional blindness, you could hold him or her accountable for your losses.

Drivers have a responsibility not only to follow Washington traffic laws, but to drive their vehicles safely. Inattentional blindness is dangerous, and drivers must pay attention to their surroundings.

If a driver fails to see your motorcycle in plain sight and causes a collision, you would be eligible for an insurance claim or lawsuit against him or her. Through your claim, you can recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the accident.

However, the driver may claim that you were partially responsible for the accident. In these situations, you need a lawyer who can protect your right to compensation. As soon as possible after your collision, contact a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your case and legal options.