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Steps to Take if You’re in a Construction Site Accident

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steps to take after a construction site accident

Unfortunately, workplace accidents are common, especially in the construction field. Construction companies are legally and morally responsible for providing safe environments for their workers. Sometimes, accidents happen, despite safety measures in place. Other times, construction companies are negligent or reckless, unnecessarily putting workers at risk.

Construction sites are inherently risky places; tools, working at heights, and untrained workers are all common causes of injury or death. Defective or unkempt equipment can also be a common cause of injury on a site. If a construction worksite accident injured you or a loved one, please contact our Seattle personal injury lawyers immediately.

You can take specific steps to ensure that your rights are upheld, and you receive any compensation due. Read on to see what you should do if you’re injured at a construction worksite.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If a workplace accident injures you, the first step is to seek medical attention. If the injury is bad, you will need to visit an emergency room for immediate care. You can have less-severe injuries treated at an urgent care or physician’s office. Receiving medical attention is always necessary to create a paper trail for any potential future claims.

Take Photographs

As soon as possible, take pictures of your injury, the area of your accident, and any tools you were using at the time. Be sure to photograph any weather or other dangerous conditions present at the accident site. If you cannot take pictures when the injury occurs, go back to the site as soon as possible to take photos. 

Speak to Coworkers and Other Witnesses

You should also take time to talk to coworkers and other witnesses about the circumstance of the accident. If they were present before, during, or after your accident, their details can corroborate your version of events in case of a legal suit. If they are willing, have each person write a short statement detailing what occurred, and keep the copies with your notes.

Keep a Journal

Document everything that occurred before, during, and after the accident. You must file a report with your employer, but it’s important you keep a detailed journal for yourself. Keep track of everything from before the accident, what steps your employer takes after the accident, details from follow-up doctor appointments, and symptoms lasting after your accident.

File a Report

Once you have received proper medical care, file a report with your employer. The employer must file an incident or safety report for any injuries that occur on its property or on its clock. When completing the report, use as much detail as possible. Include the time, weather conditions, witnesses present, and other seemingly minute details of the accident. It may seem tedious, but sometimes the most valuable evidence in a workplace injury case is the safety report.

Request a Report From Your Employer

Once your employer has completed and reviewed the incident or safety report, request a copy. You have a right to obtain this paperwork at any time. Review the report for accuracy and ensure there are adequate details about the incident. Don’t allow the employer to take shortcuts or omit details. If the information is not accurate or is incomplete, ask for changes to the paperwork. This step is extremely important if the case ends up becoming a legal matter.

Call Colburn Law for a Free Evaluation

If a construction worksite accident injures you, contact Colburn Law immediately. You may believe you will not receive compensation for damages or that workers’ compensation will cover all expenses. When an injury is severe or a company is at fault, it’s important to review the legal options available to you.

Contact us to review your accident and the circumstances surrounding the incident. We will investigate the situation to determine if there was negligence or fault at the hands of your employer. Injury cases are complex and require the assistance of skilled attorneys who understand the intricacies of personal injury law. Call our accident attorneys today to ensure your case is handled in the best manner possible.